Cassie's Soul Song



Since having Cassie in our home we have seen many ways in which she is much like Toshiro was. Of course she has distinguishing features and ways in which she is certainly herself. That is the way of it in all reincarnations, is it not? One thing that we have not encouraged in her I will share with you here.


We used to give Toshiro our last bites of our meals. He would sit patiently waiting for us to finish, keeping his eyes on our progress. When he saw that we were almost done he would move closer to the table, looking into our eyes in eager anticipation of what we would give him. As soon as one of us shared our last bite with him, he would hurry to the other and gaze into the eyes and at the fingers to see what was coming for him. When we had each shared with him, he would look around to make sure there was no one else lurking around the corner with a last bite for him.


There were times when we would have company, and no matter the numbers of them, Toshiro would go to their side and wait for their outstretched hand with the delicacy. That could at times be quite overwhelming for his tummy, so we asked the others to keep the last bites really small. Good thing we did because some of them had saved for him what amounted to maybe a fifth of their sandwich, for example.


We thought at some point of trying to break him of the last bite habit, but since this had been going on for several years, we decided it would be easier to just make sure that the servings were small bites. There were times when we realized that he had put on a bit too much weight and we really cut back on what we saved for him, or on in between meal treats.


After having Cassie come into our home, reincarnated from Toshiro, we decided not to begin giving her last bites. It would be too hard to keep her in good health and that was very important to us. If we don't begin it, it won't be an issue to her. She is in wonderful shape and health; we give her grain-free food and treats. We never give her last bites. The thing is the part of her soul that remembers the last bites comes through at times, and though she may not realize why, she will often be at our side as we swallow our last bites, and she will look puzzled at times when we don't share it with her. It is not a heavy issue though, so we are sure that we have done the right thing. She is healthy, vibrant and very loving.


The other day after our breakfast, as I was putting my last bite in my mouth I happened to look her way. I saw what I'd seen before and sent her love. I suddenly thought of a song that I had heard on the radio that previous day, one that I love. It was Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand singing 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore'. I immediately sang aloud with a giggle as Bob got up from the table, with Cassie following him, "You Don't Give me Last Bites Anymore."


After having that episode go through my mind repeatedly in the next few hours, I had to go to my computer and write my version of the song, which I love to do, as anyone knows who has listened to and watched any of my slideshows.


The Lyrics are below; the link to listen is Here.




You Don't Give me Last Bites Anymore



You still give me big hugs

You still sing me love songs

You still smile at me on the floor

When you come through the door

Anytime of the day


I remember when

You always loved to love me

Always hated to leave me

Now after playin' with me day and night

Well, it's so good for me

And it's feelin' so right

So I roll right over

In the broad daylight

But you don't give me last bites anymore


It used to be so natural

To think about forever

But "used to be's" don't count anymore

I just lay on the floor

'Till you both walk away


And by the way, I remember

All the things you taught me

I learned how to play

And I learned how to fly

Well I learned how to jump

Clear up toward the sky

So you'd think I could learn

How to tell them goodbye

'Cause you don't give me last bites anymore




Well you'd think I could learn

How to tell them goodbye


You still give me big hugs

You still sing me love songs

But you don't give me last bites anymore




Nancy's Version of the Neil Diamond Song,

'You Don't Give me Flowers'

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