Cassie's Silver Wings



To make Heaven the perfect resting place for loved ones we adore, God made sure those Pearly Gates contained a Doggie Door.

May your memories of Cassie bring you comfort and peace.


  After Cassie passed on April 14, 2018, I received a wonderful sympathy card from my dear sister in Maine. The picture on it was what you see here, with the message inside the card, and with my sister's personal words as well.  When I saw the silver wings on the doggie, and the expression on the face, I felt such a touch of Love. I also felt the connection of it with one of the songs, Silver Wings, that Merle Haggard had written and sung. Merle was one of Bob's and my favorite singer/song writers.

That night, after receiving the card in the mail, we went to the place in a nearby town, Sonoita, where we go every week for the two live music bands that play wonderful music every other week, one of which is 'Jody and Friends'. The day that I received the card, one of the songs that Jody's band played that night was Silver Wings. It had been a while since I'd heard them play it. That was that night that my thought of bringing this to the 'Tree' was born. Last night I decided to go to and record the song, Silver Wings, that I changed some of the words to, words that fit with Cassie's pathway to Heaven.

You can Click Here to hear the song, and you can see the lyrics that I wrote below.




Cassie's Silver Wings, Nancy’s version, May 25, 2018

From Merle Haggard’s original song Silver Wings


Silver wings

Shining in the starlight

Lowering heartbeats

Headed home to the sky

They're taking you away

And leaving us lonely

Silver wings

Slowly fading out of life


Don't leave us we cried

Don't take that heavenbound ride

But she couldn't breathe anymore

She was headed for Heaven's door


Silver wings

Shining in the starlight

Promise her new return

To our home of sweet Love

We’ll all be so happy

And we’ll see her giggle

Silver wings

Soon will bring her back to life


Silver wings

Shining in the starlight

She cried I’ll be back

I’ll take the earthbound track

In my new body of Love

That I find while up above

Silver Wings

Soon will bring me back to you

Soon will bring me back to you


Thanks to for the music