Cassie's Little Door Story


We'd been planning to get a doggie door for Cassie to use, just as we had one for Toshiro while we lived in Tucson. It was wonderful for him and for us. The time finally came and we bought a screen door and a doggie door to insert into it. We replaced the original door that was here and stored it for the owners.


Cassie wasn't sure what to think of it; she'd probably not seen one before in this lifetime, much less known how to use it. We called to her with treats in our hands and after a few tries she glided through the doggie door with ease and a smiling face.  It took her a few days to grasp the idea of being able to find her freedom so easily, but I'd say that she's got it now.  It's good for our pets to have the freedom that we consider to be safe and easy to maintain. That's the way it is for all of life, so why not our pets.


The evening after we installed the doggie door I mentioned to Bob that it must be time for me to 'write' another Cassie song. I said, "I can call it the new Maggie song." As soon as I said it I wondered, "What; where did that come from, the name Maggie?" Bob just smiled. I knew that meant something, so I went up and did a search for songs with the name Maggie in it. The one I found that worked was Little Maggie, by Ralph Stanley.


So, without further adieu, here is a Short Video of Cassie Using her New Door,

Along with the new song, Cassie's Little Door, and the lyrics.

Click Here for the Video

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Cassie's Little Door


Once again stands sweetie Cassie

With a look at the closed back door

She's thinkin' of going outside now

She's wants to go out once more


Once more I saw sweetie Cassie

She was waiting for someone to see

That she wanted someone to open

The door to set her free


Pretty flowers were made for bloomin'

Pretty stars were made to shine

Pretty doggies were made for lovin'

Sweetie Cassie is so sublime


We went to the store that morning

And we bought her a doggie door

Sweetie Cassie's gonna dance so happy

When she sees what's beyond the floor


Here you go our dear sweet Cassie

We have done the best we can

To give you your freedom through this door

She smiled and through the door she ran


 These Lyrics by Nancy Tate

Thanks to Ralph Stanley for the original words to the song Little Maggie,

and the music from