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Toshiro Reincarnates


Cassie is Home!


NEW! 05-26-18: Cassie's Silver Wings! A Wonderful Sympathy Card and Song. Click Here

04-24-18: Our Gratitude to All of You, Along with a Picture of Our Cassie Tribute Click Here

04-16-18: We Have Sad News. Cassie Passed Over on the Night of April 14, 2018. For the Details Click Here

09-08-17: A few days ago Bob and I took Cassie for her morning walk on the sand creek that is just down the street from our house. The rest of the story you can see and hear on the new page I have added to the story of Cassie and her times with us. Click Here

04-28-15: Tomorrow is the One Year Reunion of our wonderful dog, Cassie! Thank you so much dear friends Judy and Eddy for leading us to our beloved Cassie! We are spending part of today and some of tomorrow in Tucson, so I'm beginning the celebration now. We want to share with you the latest news about Cassie to celebrate her first year with us. It has been a wonderful time, and we know that there will be many more. You can go to the news of the latest thing in her life, see the short video and listen to the song. Click Here

03-02-15: Soon after we woke up today and were beginning to prepare breakfast, Cassie was outside doing her usual exploring. Suddenly she was having a barking frenzy, so we rushed to the patio to see what was going on. Down by the walk-in gate there she was, silenced, and with her nose to the gate. On the outside of the gate was a javelina; they were nose to nose. We'd not seen one since moving here, though we knew they are around. The rest of the story is told in the words to a song that I changed to suit the occasion. I was inspired to do so after it all happened and I was finishing preparations for breakfast. I was giggling to myself in remembrance of what had taken place and suddenly I heard Javelinaville. I was immediately inspired to change the words of the Jimmy Buffet song, Margaritaville, to tell the story. You can see the pictures, read the words, and listen to the story of how our morning began. Click Here

10-31-14: Since having Cassie in our home we have seen many ways in which she is much like Toshiro was. Of course she has distinguishing features and ways in which she is certainly herself. That is the way of it in all reincarnations, is it not? One thing that we have not encouraged in her I will share with you Here.

Thank you Dear Darlene for your work of art! She wrote, "Look close inside the rose, you will see lightening.... Behind the rose is a lightening storm.... This is how it feels to be in love with Spirit."

 08-11-14: A dear friend, Rita, sent me the link to a video that brought loving tears to my eyes. It was about a dog, who looked alot like Cassie, except for some longer hair in a few places, and a loving dolphin. The beautiful connection between animals is wonderful. To view it Click Here

Update: 05-15-14: There is another piece of the puzzle that I forgot to tell you all about; one of the signs that I received about Toshiro coming back to us. A couple, or more months ago, when Bob and I were visiting a dear friend in NM, I received the further information that Toshiro would come back to us, and when it happens it would be ‘as a bolt of thunder and lightning’. Well, that was interesting!

Then a few days later after we arrived back home in Hereford AZ we received a card in the mail from our dear friend Ann, in OR. On the front was a picture of a Native American woman in the sky, above a mountain canyon of stone and water, with clouds around her upper body. Her arms were outstretched above her head with a bolt of lightning between her hands. On the inside of the card were the words, “The voice of the thunder, the lightning of the sky sing to us, and our spirits take flight.”  Under that our friend had written, “Love and blessings to you both & your ‘soon to have’ Cassie, and to your beautiful new home. We had not told this wonderful dear friend about the information I had received a few days before.

A while after that I was sharing this with friends, and suddenly I realized, we are living on Lightning Ranch Rd, and down the highway a few miles in the mountains is Thunder Canyon. That was another confirmation that when the timing was right, it would happen. I tell you this as a reminder that if there is something that you are waiting for that you feel will definitely come, if incidences such as this come to you, then in a matter of time it will manifest. Don’t give up on your dreams. Know that when it is to be, you will receive messages and signs that it is in the works.



 05-02-14: Cassie’s Power! Yesterday when I went out the back door to throw some veggie peelings/scraps out for the birds, Cassie followed me out. I threw the scraps over the 3foot high, 1 +1/2 ft wide stone flowerbed. Immediately she leaped over the bed at least 2 ft in the air, and 8 feet to the other side to retrieve the scraps for herself. I stood there for a moment stunned, then called to her laughing in disbelief, “I can’t believe it! How’d you do that?” She came running back to me, as I headed for her, around the stone flowerbed. This doggie, who weighs about 40lbs and is about 1+1/2 ft. tall, was able to “Leap tall flower beds in a single bound!” There is definitely a broader sense of her power than some people may see in an animal who communicates through her own sense of knowing. Can we learn from these beautiful animals? You bet we can! Thank you Cassie!


04-30-14: First I will tell you why we have named her Cassie. While we lived in El Dorado NM one day I was thinking of the picture I drew of how Toshiro’s essence looked to me right after he passed. I realized that it looked like Casper the friendly ghost. I felt that when he does come back to us in another dog maybe the perfect name for him would be Casper. One day as we were driving into town, I felt his presence, as I had so often. I asked him if he would like that for his next name, and he said “Ohh, that would be fun!” Then a few weeks later I received the information that it is time for him to come back again as a female because of the new influx of the feminine energies. That immediately told me that the perfect name would be Cassie. I shared that with all who were tuned into our conference calls.

Now I will tell you of how we found her. On Sunday evening, April 27, 2014, I received an email from our friends, Judy and Eddy, who live north of Santa Fe NM. They told us about a dog named Callie, a red heeler, who was found strayed, running up and down the street in northern, NM. Holly, a wonderful woman in the dog rescue business in Questa NM, is the one who found her, took her home, tried to find her owner, etc. When that failed she got in touch with a friend, also in the dog rescue business, who knows Judy and Eddy. When we saw the pictures they had attached in the email we both knew it had to be our Toshiro come back, whom we are calling Cassie. Not only did Callie’s eyes look just like Toshiro, but her whole persona did as well. We got in touch with Holly and then planned our trip to NM for the next day, Monday, April 28.

I woke up Monday morning, from a dream in which I was coming back into a room in which Mom (on the other side) was sitting in a chair with a beautiful smile on her face, and Bob was sitting across from her in front of a computer with a smile on his face. As I sat down he turned to the computer again and said something to it. Then Callie/Cassie was on the other end and replied back with a loving howl. Bob said that they had been having a conversation, which I felt must be on skype. He invited me to sit and speak with Callie/Cassie. I did and it was so incredible; it was webcam so I could see her. She was so happy and rolling around with loving howls. It was so beyond what I can say! This followed another 'dream' in which I woke up and realized that the news about Callie was probably one of those 'not true' ads that are sometimes put up online. To me the dream of the skype reunion was for real. It was telling me to trust in what I was feeling; that the first dream was my fear expressing itself.

We left later that day for Las Cruces NM to stay overnight with a dear friend who lives there. The next morning the three of us began our five hour trip to Santa Fe to be reunited with our dear new dog, Toshiro/Cassie. She was a bit confused and stressed about the whole way the past three weeks had been. We still don’t know what happened to put her lost and lonely on the streets.

What we do know though is that as soon as we began our trip back to Las Cruces to spend the night before returning home, Cassie began to relax. She Acted as Toshiro always did when we took him with us in the car. He soon settled down and watched out the windows, interested in the passing scenery. I felt that she was remembering some of it, with our former times living in NM. She also made a quick comfortable reunion with our friend, who had lived with us in Mt Shasta. As we relaxed into the evening back in Las Cruces, Cassie felt and acted more and more like Toshiro had. Then when we all settled into bed, Cassie went into each room and checked on us before settling down for her sleep, just as Toshiro always did.

When we returned to our home here in Hereford, AZ Cassie found great pleasure and interest in getting to know her new home. She ran around the fenced in yard, checked out the rooms of her new home. I could tell that she felt right at home when I gave her water in the familiar dish, and brought out the toys that Toshiro had loved playing with. It must have been so home-feeling for her to be surrounded by so many things that she lived with before. Of course there are also new things that she will get used to as new things in her life, just as we have.

The strongest thing that tells us is that she is so like Toshiro in ways that speak of the closeness between us. One of the most inspiring and convincing things for us is the message that I received last night as we were all relaxing. I will relay it to you in the essence that I receive it as I write now. This is based on what I was told back in 2002 when I began to receive information from Lotar, Baldor and Bachari. I was told that each was an aspect of me, and that Bachari was speaking through me from the soul of Toshiro.

“It is time for Toshiro/Cassie to return to your lives because it is time for the information that she has kept in storage for you to access in the coming times. She has been the gatekeeper of the information that is in keeping with the coming energies that will assist all of you to the newness of what is to be the next step in the ascension process, on beyond that, and into the new steps that you will all be creating in the expressions of the universe to come.”

When I received that information last evening I understood why I have not been receiving much info in the past couple years, as I was from the beginning of the Tree of the Golden Light. Bob and I are ecstatic with our new Cassie! We know that so many of us are at the threshold of a whole new paradigm of creation. We welcome all and everything that comes our way that represents the essence of Peace, Joy and Love that is the Everything.

We welcome Cassie into our homes and our arms of Peace, Joy, Love and  Light. Our lives are complete with her reunion with us all!


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