Cassie Passes Over


Hello Dear Ones,


I have a very sad piece of news from Bob and me, and our dear friend, Raine, who shares the house with us. Our wonderful dog, Cassie died on the night of Saturday, April 14, 2018. It was almost, to the day, 4 years since she came into our lives, when she was 6 months old. We had taken her for a ride early that afternoon just to get out and do something. She has not really felt good about riding anywhere because of her history before we knew her. It had been a while since we had taken her for a ride, and in the past she had seemed to have gotten more at ease with it, until we took her with us about a week before Christmas to visit with some of Bob’s family in TX. The traffic was hard on her, as it was on us.


When we got back from our short ride on Saturday Bob parked in the driveway. Usually he will be the first to open his door and immediately open the gate into the yard. This time I opened my door, as he did his, and got out, and she was immediately in my front seat, jumped out, ran onto the road and got hit by a car. She was able to get up and move back toward our car, as we were moving toward her screaming in terror. It all happened in an instant! There was nothing we could do to stop it from happening. We checked her out in our arms, and she was able to move and seemed not to have any broken bones, or anything other than a little blood from her mouth. The women from the car rushed to us and offered to take her to a vet, etc. We thanked them and explained that we’d do that. We started for the house and she was able to walk through the yard and into the house with us. We checked her more and saw that she was panting, and still had a little bleeding. I raced to my computer and found the number for the closest Animal Hospital, which was in Sierra Vista, about an hour away.


After arriving there they checked her out and found that she had some injuries in her lungs and that it was getting worse, making it harder for her to breathe. They advised us that they would give her oxygen, etc, and it could take a while for the procedure. By that time it was late afternoon and we decided we’d better go back home since they’d be closing before the process could bring results. They told us that they would call us after there were some results. After we were home for a while we then heard from them and they were continuing what they had to do, even though it was getting harder for her to breathe. In the morning soon after we got up, we got the call we didn’t want to hear. She had died late in the night. It was devastating to us.


We know that her soul will return to us in the next dog that we have. It has been that way since we got Toshiro, then Cassie, and before that in other dogs I’ve had. I saw in Cassie many indications that her soul was the one that my former dog, Bugle, who I had in the early 1980’s, had. She carried some traits that he had, one of them being his protectiveness toward other dogs and some people. It was part of the type of dog that they both were, even though they weren’t the same breed.


I strongly feel that Cassie came to us so that I would be able to come to peace and settle the karma of the decision I made concerning Bugle to have him put to sleep after his biting happened once too often. I now feel that Cassie also wanted to come back to us as a more peaceful, happy, and gentle, loving dog. She was very loving, but she had early issues in her life that were too much for her to handle and have a peaceful life with us. She had never gotten out of our car the way she did just before being hit by the car in the street. I truly feel that her soul will be back to us in another dog who will be so much in harmony with us and all of life, that it will prove to us that not only are harmony, love, peace and joy part of the human aspects of life, but of all life. Even though we are full of tears for our loss of Cassie, we know that at some point in the coming experiences we will have her new body come to us and it will be in harmony with what we are doing in every moment. Till then, we will make the most of our life and focus on regaining our joy in her memory, and in living our life in these times of change for the whole planet.


Thank you for being who you are and for joining us in the understanding of how to live our lives, through the losses we have, and the knowledge that we are never completely without the Love that is here for us all. Life goes on in the ups and downs, and we are approaching the promise of always being in the upward movements of our lives. Love is all there is, in Peace, Joy and Harmony.



Love you all,

Nancy, Bob and Raine