In Celebration

of Nancy's

20 Year Anniversary of Living 

in The Southwest

October 23, 1995-2015



My Special Announcement!


Today I wish to announce the 20 year anniversary of my being here in my new home area, the Southwest of the USA! On this day, 20 years ago, October 23, 1995, I arrived in Truth or Consequences, NM from my home state of Maine to begin my new life in the opening of my awareness of who I truly am. The pictures above show some of the beauty of the Truth or Consequences/Elephant Butte, New Mexico area. I was there when I bought the motorhome that you see in one of the pictures, with my dog Lobo, who made the trip with me to our new home.


I am so happy to have found all of the beauty, Love, joy and peace in so many people. I have been led to ways that have helped me to continue my journey of expansion through my inspiration to create the Tree Of The Golden Light website in the spring of 2002, with so many wonderful features such as the Wake up Calls, ET First Contact, etc. I am so grateful for the wonderful Bob Towers for being in my life in such a special way, and also for helping me to create the 'Tree'.


I am indeed grateful for all of the support and following I have received from so many dear people. I am now looking forward to what will be the next 'Leaf on the Tree' that will represent what is coming for humanity and all of life on Earth and beyond. I feel that right now so many of us are in a rest period that is allowing us to recalibrate and be ready for the next phase of our lives in the ascension of our beingness. The changes are flowing in, and as we greet them and see the power that Love has, we know that it is the most powerful energy in which to reach out and help to bring peace joy and Love, in all respects, to this planet and beyond.

Thank you for being such wonderful, beautiful beings! We are all in this together and shall go on to finish our Heaven on Earth, and beyond.


Love You Much!

Nancy Tate